Headwaters of the Juruena river, central Brazil
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A new population of a critically endangered bird - the cone-billed tanager - is found in central Brazil

30 January 2010

In a recent article (see here), my colleagues and I communicate the discovery of a new population of the poorly known cone-billed tanager (Conothraupis mesoleuca) in the upper Juruena river basin, Parecis plateau, state of Mato Grosso. We present results of our research on the ecology and distribution of the species. There was no previous information available on the biology, behaviour or other aspects of cone-billed's life. We found that the species is likely to be associated to flooded habitats along rivers, and that its population density seems to be low. Curiously, the two known populations of the cone-billed (Parecis e Emas), which are separated by around 700 km, appear to have different vocalizations patterns.

Conothraupis mesoleuca

The cone-billed tanager.

The link to the article in Bird Conservation International is here

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